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Other Applications and Custom Orders

As a service,  I’ve begun keeping track of what folks order.  Maybe it will help you with your order.  Please note: I don’t know for sure that this information is correct and it is not guaranteed.  It’s just what has been ordered in the past for a specific application.  If you find that this info is either right or wrong, please let me know and I’ll add a foot note.  Let me say that again:
“For information only.  Double check before ordering.”


Ford F-150 Positive 46 inch 1/0 with
25 inch lead on batt end. All lugs 5/16.
Neg 48 in 1/0 w/16 lead batt end and 18 in starter end.
1947 Positive ground Plymouth All cables 1/0 with 3/8
ring terminals.  30″ positive, 18″ Negative, 17″ black
starter cable with ring on each end.
1990 Reatta