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Ford E250, E350 Van with 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel



Cables – Full Kits

(Kits will have cables listed, and includes all covers and loom (free loom)

Battery Cable Kit for Ford E350 VAN Powerstroke - Gen 4 1991–2014 models - 2/0 #10227

This kit was designed using a 2003 E350 as an example.  Later 6.0L engines could be different. Includes:
  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-battery cable.
  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-starter cable.
  • Right and Left Negative Cables (2/0).
  • 2 Positive, 2 Negative military-style battery terminals with lock nuts and covers.
  • Loom on all large wires.
  • 10 gauge Relay to start solenoid wire.
Stock starters require a 90-degree bend on the starter lug.  Denso style "high-torque" aftermarket starters use a straight lug

Optional Cables not included in kits.


47 inch 4 ga alternator wire with fuse link #4813


For Ford 6.0L (stock alternator to battery)


47 inch 2 ga alternator wire with fuse link #10057


For Ford 6.0L (aftermarket/high-output alternator to battery)

AMPS: 150-199

red starter wire for Fords

Ford - F250/350, 70 inch,10 ga Start Relay to Starter wire


This is included in all kits before 2003


Cables – Individual Components

Individual cables if you don’t want to purchase a full kit.

Email for individual prices. 

Options (if not purchasing FULL KIT)

Loom and covers are included in full kits but they are available separately if purchasing individual cable.

Military Ordnance/Universal Terminal Covers #1987


  • Price is for one (1) cover


Please choose an option.

Add Loom - Per cable #889


  • Wavy plastic cover that protects the wire from physical abrasion
  • Price is "per cable" 




Notes from the owner:

Photo credit:  Ford E250 Wikimedia.org – Public Domain. Photo by IfCar, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

Hopefully, you’ve found this page because you are looking for battery cables for a Ford Diesel E250, E350 vans the 6.9L, 7.3L, or 6.0L Powerstroke diesel engines.

How we build cables:


The main cables are built from 2/0 (“two-aught”) or optional 3/0 cable for the starter.  We use tin-plated (for corrosion resistance) terminals at the battery and standard copper lugs at the engine.  To prevent corrosion from the battery’s acidic fumes, we crimp the terminals with a 12-ton hydraulic crimper then seal the connection with adhesive lined heat shrink.  Cables are shipped with anti-corrosion battery washers, military-style battery terminals with “Nylox” style locknuts. 

More about cables:

We got the dimensions by measuring sets of cables that customers have sent to me over the years.  We’ve sold several these however, I suggest you inspect your old cables and make sure these will fit before ordering. 

Stock negative cables are 1/0 with #10 gauge chassis grounds.   Our negative cables are a heavier 2/0 with #6 gauge chassis grounds.  The stock positive cable uses 1/0 for the crossover, 2/0 for the starter, and #6 for the start relay.  We use 2/0 for the crossover, 2/0 (optional 3/0) for the starter, and #4 for the fuse block.  The heavier gauge wire reduces resistance and might make starting a little easier.

We build our cables using copper lugs crimped to SAE battery cable using a 12-ton hydraulic crimper.  Then we seal the connection with adhesive lined heat shrink.  Battery washers are included. We make the fuse block and chassis ground wires a little longer than stock since the #4 or #6 wire is not as flexible as the tiny wire the factory uses.

Military Ordinance/Universal Terminals: These terminals allow the customer to add as many electrical accessories as they want. They also have the advantage of being able to replace just the terminals and not the entire cable. We provide a Nylox nut to help you make sure that the bolts remain tight. 


Optional 3/0 Starter wire: Customers in cold climates have asked me for a 3/0 starter wire for situations where every little bit helps.  It’s now an option when ordering cables. Order the “Cold weather/Hard start option”. 

Start relay to starter:  Our kit includes the wire that goes from the battery to the starter relay.  However, the other wire in the start relay molded rubber connector is optional.   If you want to, you can easily reuse your existing wire by cutting the rubber molded connector or cutting the wire and adding crimp on the terminal using normal hand tools.  If you prefer to just replace the wire we sell it for your convenience of $6.

Military Terminal Covers: Protect against accident short circuits and damage by using these PVC covers on the terminals.  These are included in the price if you buy a full kit.

Convoluted loom: This is the wavy plastic stuff that the factory uses to protects wires from physical abrasion.  We’ll add it for $5 per cable or you get it for free when you buy a complete kit.

Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables would be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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